February 7, 2011

Popcorn and genies

My brother and SIL finally broke down and let me watch the kids saturday night (i've been banned since the baby duck/ketchup fiasco).

We had so much fun! When the kiddos come to my place they pretty much just want to watch movies and eat treats. So that's what we do. Aunts are for spoiling right?

As soon as Dad walked out the door we turned on Aladdin. We also decided on treats. Popcorn for EJ and chocolate bunny grahams for JB (Annie's Organic. See, i'm healthy).

EJ's eyes never left the screen as she shoveled the popcorn in.

I noticed JB eying the popcorn so I got him a bowl of that as well. I can't say no to the kid.

Notice a hand in each bowl.

He couldn't decide which to eat first so he came up with an awesome new flavor combination...

Chocolate bunny graham popcorn. I'm getting a copyright.

EJ is pretty much a zombie once the TV turns on but JB and I had some very meaningful discussions pertaining to Aladdin.

Why is Jafar so mad all the time. Why Iago said shut up (mean word!). Why Aladdin and Abu were thrown into the ocean. Why Genie is so TRAZIE! Why does the Genie live in a teapot :-)

When Aladdin and Jasmine go on the carpet ride JB yells, "this is where they fall in love!"

Me. Mush. Sigh. Seriously. How cute is this kid?
Thanks for coming over to play guys! I love you!


Jayne said...

Baby duck/ketchup fiasco? I don't remember this...

Thanks so much Katie - you're one of the very VERY few people who Jonah will allow himself to be babysat by. And possibly his favorite.

Cortney and DeAnn said...

Yeah, I'm interested to know what the baby duck/ketchup fiasco was.... Sounds like you guys had fun! I love spoiling my nieces and nephews...so fun!

Emmy said...

Katie, you funny. Why are you weird?
This is Emmy. E-m-m-y. Put it together, that's Emmy. I love watching movies at your house! You're weird and I'm weird.

I love you. The end.