February 17, 2011

Material Girl

I know money doesn't buy happiness...but it's helps sometimes!

Last night I got be a VIP for the first time in my life. A counselor in the bishopric at church had 16 tickets for the VIP Suite at the Grizzly hockey game and he gave them to a bunch of us sad single people ;-)

Two friends and I arrived first and greeted with a full fajita bar and buffalo wings and tons of yummy chips and salsa and popcorn and drinks and a dessert tray.

See. Happiness.

After a while we remembered the game and sat down to watch, on comfy couches of course.

No hard bleachers for the VIPs! Our delicate behinds wouldn't stand for it...or sit for it. HA!!!!! Come on. That was funny.

Anyway. Game was fun, food was great, company was fantastic...oh and we got VIP parking too! First ones out of the parking lot.

Seriously, I could get used to this.

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