February 23, 2011

Ice cream and fries please

That's all they wanted. Ice cream and fries. Oh and red ketchup.

I really did try to get something healthy in them Jayne. But how can you say no to these faces?
(i'm obsessed with my histomatic app on my phone, so the pics are funky)

I had the day off yesterday and called up Jayne to see if she wanted to go to lunch. She and baby were sick, so I just took EJ and JB.

They were waiting outside when I pulled up. Not excited at all. :-)

They insisted on going to "The Train" for ice cream and fries. "The Train" is the Dairy Keen in Heber. It has a train out front and train inside that runs on tracks all around the joint. The rugrats love it.

We had a great time and ate lots of ice cream, fries and red ketchup.

I thought i was being very cool by showing them how tasty fries in ice cream were. They informed me that Papa already showed them. Lost all my street cred.

It isn't showing up very well but if you look closely at this pic you will see ice cream, in JB's eyelashes. Still not sure how that happened.

(the camera angle makes his head look really big here...it's really not!)

Can I just say that I love this small town eatery? They actually offer yummy, healthy options (not that we got those...) and it's so cheap. Two ice creams, large fries, drinks and four chicken strips (real chicken, no nuggets at this place) all for $8. Amazing!

Thanks for hanging out with me yesterday kiddos! I love you!

Oh and JB, I LOVE your cool new shoes. Check these babies out!



EJ said...

Katie Katie Katie! I love you. I loved the ice cream you gave me too! I'm going to give you flowers for halloween. Ha ha ha! That was just a joke:)
I love you. Hey, I wanna say Hey silly head Katie! Guess what Katie? Did you guess that I was going to give you a whole bunch of flowers? Pink and purple and red. Red is my favorite color. And pink and purple too. And kinda white.
Love you! Bye.

JB said...

Thank you for my ketchup! And thank you for taking me to the train store. And thank you for getting me some french fries. Thank you for giving me.... hmmm.... (he's losing focus....).... ice cream! Thank you for ice cream! Chocolate.