February 2, 2011


Point of interest: it was -17 degrees this morning.

This is my truck. I love it!! It's name is Skinner. But he does not like the cold. I pried this truck from my poor brother's hands. He has called and asked for it back... I said no.
(It's actually black. That is a layer of salt you see. Needs a bath)

I got up early for Zumba class, which I LOVE btw, and went outside to start the truck. I got in, turned the key...and the truck laughed at me. Seriously. I heard it. It laughed.

I then decided to wait until the sun came up, hoping that would warm things up a bit.

And it did! -16...

My nice boss came over and tried to help me start it.

This is me sitting warm and toasty in my boss's car while he works on the truck.
(He has heated seats! What did you expect me to do??)

No dice. He ended up giving me a ride to work. My sweet brothers are coming over to help me later.

And this is the current temperature. It's soooo much warmer now eh?

It's official. It is just too dang cold to leave bed. I would like to head back there soon please.


BUSH BABE said...

O. M. G.

Are you serious? I cannot even begin to imagine that kind of cold! Let alone driving in it...

And as for 'visibility'... is for miles and mile. Or no miles worth mentioning at all?

Kate said...

Yeah it really was that cold. What is -17 F? -27C? Finally got the truck started after work by spraying highly flammable starter fluid in the intake. Good times :-) Australia is sounding better and better :-)

And ha! The visibility was crystal clear today, I can see for miles and miles (name that song). Although technically Park City is in a bowl. All i can see are mountains in every direction.