January 24, 2011


Carl Bloch knew how to create it. Do you know Carl Bloch? I must admit that I didn't. I knew his work, my church uses it a lot in our buildings and such, but I didn't know his name.

The BYU Museum of Art has an exhibit of his work right now and it is amazing. They brought four large alterpieces over from Lutheran churches in Denmark and Sweden. They also have 30 additional religious and genre works of his.

Jayne and I took the kids down and I was really hoping that they wouldn't be too bored. They did so great, Emmy loved making me tell the story of each piece...which I totally had to make up. The religious ones were easy but the genre ones took some imagination.

Emmy was enthralled with this one:

Prometheus Unbound

Have you ever tried explaining this story to a four-year-old?

"Well now Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the humans. This made Zeus really mad and Zeus chained him to a rock where every day an eagle came and ate his liver. It then grew back every night and it all happened again, every day, for thousands of years. Then Hercules, who was also a god, came and saved him by shooting the eagle..."

We had a hard time getting past shooting the poor eagle... Jayne you may need to starting studying Greek mythology soon :-)

Here are some other pieces.

(I may or may not of bawled sitting in front of this one)
Oddness alert: I normally don't like portrayals of Christ where He looks too anglo. I know. Weird. But I do still love Bloch's portrayal. He puts so much life and emotion into his faces.

And the light. Goodness gracious. I have no idea how he does that. Any artists care to explain?

If you are anywhere close to Provo I would recommend going to this exhibit, it was wonderful. Thanks for going with me Jayne and kids!


Jayne said...

Simplified answer:

Identify the light source, then identify the surfaces that are facing the light, paint them lighter.

I know, so scientific.

Kate said...

Well there you go! So simple...I think i'll go paint a masterpiece now :-)

I am just not an artist, you are very lucky to be so talented!