August 24, 2010

Trying my hand...

A couple of months ago I was talking with my friend about her wedding preparations. She was telling me about the invitations she was looking at. They were the very typical Utah invitations that everyone is doing right now...and I may of yelled PLEASE NO!! quite loudly.

Then before I knew it these words came out of my mouth.

"I can design invitations for you. No problem whatsoever. And it will be cheaper for my printer to do them."

I love design but I am in no way a pro. I'm still learning and I'm not sure why I thought I could create someones WEDDING invitations. They are kind of a big deal.

It was so scary!!!

First of all it's really scary to create something and then send it out and not know if it will be liked. What if everyone says it's crap?

THEN, it's really scary to send it to the printer. What if it gets messed up? What if i didn't lay it out correctly? What if she hates them once they are printed (that happened to my friend who is the printer). The wedding would be ruined. RUINED. And it would be all my fault.

So with all of this on my mind, I sent her something like 15 designs to look at. I figured if I sent a million maybe she would like at least one. And she did!

So we tweaked it and tweaked it some more and changed everything six times and then it was ready for print. Scary.

I suggested that she use black envelopes (thank you Brittany) and she did and they looked so elegant. I also told her to go to the post office and buy all the purple love stamps she could. They looked so pretty on the black. Her colors were bright pink and orange with purple accents. They looked amazing all together. I printed them on a beautiful paper that had a pearlescent type finish. They were just so pretty. I was a bit giddy when i saw them finished.

Then another engaged friend who saw the invites asked me to do hers! Her wedding is really soon so i didn't have much time to work on them but she sent me some she liked and i whipped these puppies out. Still fun and still scary.

It's actually pretty scary to put them on this blog for people to see! But I'm just so excited!

Hopefully more people will want help with invites so i can practice and get better!

August 22, 2010


All ya'll have to check out the finalists for Pioneer Woman's latest photo contest, Love.

They are amazing. They made me cry. And wish for love...

This is one of them. (by zolligirl)

Are you tearing up? Told ya.

August 20, 2010

What if...

We all make a million decisions in our lives that don't really change the course we are on. But I'm sure we all have those moments where a decision changes the direction of your life. Do you ever think about what would've happened if you had chosen differently?

I'm not sure why but i have been feeling so introspective this past week or so. I don't normally like to live in the past or think of what might of been. Seems useless to me. Maybe because I'm feeling a bit unfulfilled right now...who knows.

Anyway the 'what if' I've been contemplating a lot lately is a huge one.

Eight years ago I moved to Hawaii to go to school. I LOVED it. I loved the friends i made from all of the world.

I loved living steps from the ocean.

I loved how laid back it was there. I loved wearing flip flops everyday.

I loved the flowers everywhere. I loved working at a luau.

I just loved everything.

But after a year I decided to move back to Utah. It's really expensive to live in Hawaii and I missed my family.

This week I've been wondering if i should've stayed and thinking about how different my life might be if i had.

Now, you never know, but I'm guessing i would be married and have three kids if i'd stayed. Not many people escape BYU Hawaii unmarried. I'd be living in Hawaii or New Zealand. I fell in love with at least four Kiwi boys and two Aussie's while there...just saying. And it made me a bit sad to think of what i might of missed.

But then the thing that really got me thinking was what i would've missed if i had stayed in Hawaii...I started looking at pictures from the past eight years and contemplating. It was a bit surreal. Those pictures would not exist. Those events, while they still might of happened, would be different because i wasn't there. Try it sometime, it's weird.

I would not of started this blog and met amazing blog friends like Bush Babe (this is her beautiful calendar) and the Cheaping Girls.

I wouldn't of gone on a study abroad to Costa Rica and learned so much...

I wouldn't of moved to Oregon and grown so close to my family there...

I wouldn't of fallen in love with the Oregon coast and taken multiple trips back...

I wouldn't of discovered that this little munchkin loves pink heels. Sorry Zach :-)

I wouldn't of been able to read to my niece any time i want.

I would not of basically decided that my niece and nephew were mine...sorry Jayne

I would've missed being there when this munchkin was born...

I would've missed amazing reunions with best friends from high school...

I would've missed spending loads of time with my nephews...

I would've missed waking up to this sweet face while camping...

I would've missed helping to build my parents house...

I would've missed having a great roommates...

Meeting amazing new friends in Park City...

Ej's dance recital...

And this munchkin's tired face...

You really can't live in the past or dwell on what might of been...but I guess what I'm trying to say is that despite what might of happened if i would of stayed in Hawaii, i am so grateful for all of the experiences I've had, friends I've made and time I've been able to spend with family because I didn't stay. I would not trade them for anything.

Ok. Done with the longest post ever. I promise i won't do this again for a while.

August 12, 2010

Flaming Jorge

Also know as Flaming Gorge but not as funny.

My whole church group went for four days last week and had a flaming good time.

Boating, camping, hiking, eating, more boating...Perfection.

Best part? Chilling with friends...

There was a beautiful full double rainbow but it was too wide for my camera :-(

Our illustrious captain. Poor guy had to drag our butts around the lake for hours.

I took my job as flag girl very seriously :-)

Anne (far right) has this amazing way of posing for pics...Ashley and I are trying to learn. We almost have it.

The End!

August 9, 2010


I went to Flaming Gorge last Wednesday with my church group for a weekend of boating and camping fun.

Isn't it funny how often you need a vacation to recover from your vacation?

This may or may not be me sleeping at work.

I'm admitting to nothing!

August 2, 2010

Sorry Guys...

This post is about bras. Feel free to run away screaming now.

Okay ladies. Last month my friend Natalie told me about a great little shop called Lace by Louise in Salt Lake City where she bought fabulous bras. And I finally stopped by on Saturday.

I'm a bit of a flower child at heart and I always wanted to be one of those perky, small girls that could get away with not wearing a bra at all (my two sister-in-law's and even my other brother's girlfriend). Alas this was not to be. I look more like I'm in the process of nursing several really hungry babies. Moral of the story? I need a bra. And I have pretty much spent the past 18 yrs searching for a great one.

Well I have four words for you...

The search has ended!!! This store had an amazing selection and the service really helped things along. If you have never been 'professionally' fit for a bra, you really need to have it done. It makes all the difference in the world. Turns out I've been shoving the girls in bras that were too small for a long time now. I had to suck it and accept that I have big boobs. Blech.

Lace by Louise has two shops, one in Salt Lake City and one in Bountiful and I would encourage you all to visit. They have an amazing selection for bigger girls like me as well as all the regular sizes. They also specialize in mastectomy and breastfeeding bras.

Their motto is that all women should feel beautiful no matter what stage of life they are in and I gotta tell you...having on a great bra really helps.

This is one of the bras I bought. Isn't it pretty?

And soooo comfy.

Anyway, I just wanted to share Lace by Louise with you if you live in Utah and if you don't...find a place in your area and get fitted. You will be so happy you did.

AND. Buy a pretty bra!

They are getting this one in stock next month and I'm buying it.

Having on a cute bra makes you feel sassy, even if no one but you ever sees it (e.g., my life).

And we ALL deserve to feel beautiful and sassy!