May 27, 2010

Artistic Medium? Cat.

This is what happens when you give kids chalk and an extremely mellow cat...

Poor Bunny.

Free reign of my living room floor was also included. Am i the best aunt ever or what??

May 13, 2010

Happier Things

There is still snow in the forecast so I am still depressed.


No more complaining about it.

On to happy, wonderful, miraculous things!

Like a beautiful new niece!

Hang onto your uterus's girls...

This is Miss C and she is just perfect.

Look at these wrinkles!

(stole the last 3 pics from her daddy's blog, he takes beautiful shots)

She is only a few hours old here and obviously already loves being held by her Aunt Katie. You can see it right?

Yup, she loves me. I'm keeping this photo to embarrass her when she's older.

Look at this little hand!

She finally opened her eyes after I gave her to her grandma. She literally slept on me for about 4 hours. Babies always fall asleep when i hold them. I'm not exaggerating. It's very weird.

I was there a few days later and I picked her up, she was awake.

This is about 5 seconds later:

Out like a light.

Luckily for her i'm completely in love so i can't stay mad at her.