December 9, 2010

Long time no see guys!

How's it going? Having a nice holiday season? Excited for Christmas? Have all your shopping done?

Well now that we are all caught up...

I really do miss blogging. I know that my life isn't any busier than most other bloggers I follow. But I just can't same to find time. My two SIL's have kids and husbands and houses to run...and they manage to blog almost every day. I have no excuses, but I'll think of one, don't you worry your pretty little heads about that.

One cause of busyness and stress is over now, a bridal shower for my roommate. It was so fun but I tend to go overboard on laughing family!

I designed these invites and must say that I think they turned out super cute.

It was a lingerie shower and the colors where pink, black and white. The invites mailed in a black envelope.

My amazing mom made these cute centerpieces up.

It was actually pretty simple. Soup and bread bowls, veggie tray and cake pops for desert.

I discovered cake pops on Pioneer Woman and have been wanting to make them for a long time. They are not as easy as I thought...just saying. And I should've practiced prior to taking them out in public. But they were good! I hear. I didn't make gluten-free cake pops so I couldn't try them.

As a side note. It's really difficult to cook and not be able to try things to see if they are okay before giving them away!

I used red velvet and chocolate cake and pink melting chocolate. And pink, black and white sprinkles.

I forgot to take a picture of them arranged but if you look on the table in this pic and can see them sort of arranged and half missing. They looked super cute bitten into as well, with the red velvet cake all moist and yummy inside. Forgot to take a picture of that too. Egads. My brain has completely melted. I need a nice camera by the way. Macro baby.

All in all I think it was a fun party. Ashley got some really cute things.
Darling lingerie...
Towels...from her mother-in-law... And only a few really dirty things *tehe*.

Congratulations Ash!


BUSH BABE said...

Gorgeous invites and fun-looking par-tay! Man Americans know how to PREPARE for Parties, no? Amazing...

karla said...

I've missed you Kt. Your blogs always make me giggle...keep'em coming.

karla said...
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Kate said...

Ha! It's kinda sad that we spend so much time and money on preparing and then have trouble actually partying. Yet another Yank oddity :-)

And sorry Mom. I'll be better!

Jayne said...

Hi Katie, nice to see you in blogland again! And the cake pops were delish - you did great!