December 28, 2010

Favorite Pics

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had wonderful Christmases.

Mine was wonderful. Sadly, I took no pictures. I know. I have an appointment with the doctor already. Something is wrong.

Until my siblings post theirs so i can steal them, i'm imageless.

Okay fine, we know that's not possible. Hold your horses.

This year we decided to each pick our favorite picture that we've taken of each other and give them to each other. It was really fun to go through all of my images and pick out my favorites.

Here are the ones I gave to my siblings and parents.

My mom and dad on the beach in Oregon. Can I just tell you how grateful I am to have parents who love each other, and show it? It's a blessing.

My brother Levi playing with his niece and nephew. They were spying wild beasts.

My nephew LH. He has crazy bright blue eyes. I sepia'd (just made that word up) everything but his eyes.

My brother Zachary and I in Yellowstone. A long, long, long time ago.

My SIL Jayne with baby C. She didn't know I took this so it was a fun surprise.

My beautiful niece EJ. There is a funky app on my iphone that puts a filter on pics. I liked this one. Her hair is just amazing.

My brother and JB the day he was blessed. I just love the connection between them. A daddy and his baby boy.

JB two years later. He was a superhero for Halloween and i just love this pic. It's the ears.

And this one for my Dad. All of his boys.

Try it sometime. Pick out your favorite pics of people and give them to them. It brings up fun memories. Warning: It can get emotional.

It's an inexpensive yet wonderful gift. I printed the pics at Walgreens and then put them in $2 frames from Walmart.

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Amanda said...

I didn't get to see the ones of your parents. It's very pretty. And we love the pictures!