December 11, 2010

Ex Libris

I ordered some really cute bookplates a while ago and finally used them all. I was looking on Etsy for new ones...when it dawned on me that I could just make my own!

Here are my first three designs. What do you think?

They print out on sheets of six but I think I will switch to labels that are just a bit smaller.

They are really fun to make. I may be addicted. Anyone want bookplates?


jayne said...


Cutest ever. Smaller could be even cuter. You artsie girl you:)

Amanda said...

Adorable! Can I have the ones that say Amanda on them? hehe. I don't even mind the bigger size, makes them harder to ignore. :)

karla said...


Kate said...

I supposed you can have the ones with your names on them...if you must ;-)

I'm in the process of several more designs, let me know if there is a design you lean towards!