November 10, 2010

Pretty much the worst wound ever

Under this unassuming band aid, lies the greatest wound ever.

It was late monday night and I somehow managed to jamb a splinter (giant stick!) under my fingernail. It felt really good. It felt so good that I decided to try and dig around in there with tweezers to see if I could make it feel even better...

I'm really good at what i do, it felt SOOO much better when i was done...yeah.

I'm allergic to triple antibiotic ointment so I didn't put anything on it. So it was totally infected. I was hoping it would just miraculously heal overnight. It didn't. The age of miracles...may be over. Just saying.

I kept hoping for a miracle all day Tuesday, putting off the embarrassment of going to the doctor.

My faith has been shaken.

I had to go to the doctor today.

For a splinter.

The nurse at the front desk laughed at me.

She asked why i was there and i had to say 'I have a splinter"

She asked for my name and I asked if I could just be anonymous.

She said no. Some people should not be in a compassionate service field.

So she took me back to...the trauma center! She said the light was better in there. I was sitting in the trauma center...for a splinter.

The doctor came in and said that she needed to dig around in there and get the chunks of wood out. Does the thought of digging around under your fingernail make you queasy? Me too. She dug around for awhile but couldn't get deep enough and i was squirming so much she was having trouble holding my hand down. Help me Rhonda.

She decided to numb my finger, i thought that was a great idea.

Turns out getting two shots of numbing agent in your finger hurts a lot too. Do you see the blue spots? Those are bruises from the numbing...not sure why that happened.

To make a long story...even longer, she cut a good sized chunk of my nail off and cleaned the splinter out.

I still can't believe I went to the doctor for a splinter.

Cute eh?


Jayne said...

Katie! Pansy to the max nothin. That is some real pain.

Emmy can relate - she got her finger tips smooshed in the van door last night:(

Amanda said...

Maybe it's time you find a general practitioner for your little things. The Trauma Center was a little much.

Leland: "she has an owie on her finger... she needs a kissey."

Hope your embarrassment dies down and your finger gets better soon!

Levi said...

I could have done that for cheaper. Numbed your finger and everything. Call me next time...