November 22, 2010

Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays.

It's a beautiful morning. It' snowing steadily and it's peaceful and quiet. Just sitting at the computer, talking to Bear. Who, by the way, is very hard to take pictures of. She always looks like a black blob. She is actually looking at the camera in this shot. Oh well.

Last night the power went out, it was cold.

This was my drive to church yesterday. So much snow!

Then this morning I went out to warm up the truck and when i got out to scrape the locked.

On the bright side i got to test my AAA for the first time. The nice man just came and unlocked it.

Time for work I guess...

Point to this meaningless steam of consciousness is good. Despite all the things that happen. Have a great day!


Amanda said...

Zach: "She didn't scrape off her car properly before driving."

Me: "I like how Bear is always a silhouette."

Leland: "what are we watching?"

Thanks for the Monday blog!

Kate said...

Zach - No I didn't. I'm sorry. I was late for church ;-)

Amanda - I'm glad someone likes it!

Leland - You were watching your crazy Aunt Kate ramble, you poor thing. Love you baby boy!