November 23, 2010


Yesterday just came on and I started crying. The holidays destroy my emotional control. Sigh.


BUSH BABE said...

Oh I ADORE that song... saddest song ever. Thinking of you in that blizzard... warm thoughts.

karla said...

I know how you feel. Thanksgiving and NO babies will be at my house to giggle and play with:( sigh! Oh wait....Katie is coming :)It will be a great holiday after all!

Jayne said...

Mom! Honestly. You got them for a whole hour all to yourself yesterday without me hovering.

Katie's just as cute ya know. And her laugh is just as infectious:)

Kate said...

Thanks BB!

And wow, a whole are sure lucky Mom ;-)

I almost started crying last night thinking about not seeing the babies too :-) But Christmas will be great!