September 9, 2010

So smelling like mosquito repellent is NOT a turn on?

I LOVE this body oil.

Aveda Energizing Composition

I slather it on after every shower. It smells so good (to me) and leaves my dry skin soft and not at all oily. I recommend it to everyone.

I really have never doubted my love for it...that is until last Sunday.

I went to dinner at the Bishop's house after church with everyone and was sitting next to a guy in the ward, when he leans over and says "you smell like one of those mosquito candles." After wiping the "mildly" shocked look off my face, i said "huh?' He said "you know, those citronella candles."

Well that just blew me away! The body oil contains Jasmine, Jojoba oil, Lavender, Sage and Sweet orange oil. No citronella or even lemon! But we double checked. He smelled my arm and it was me.

Well blah i thought. I don't want to smell like a mosquito candle! That's not going to get a guy interested! Unless he is really into camping...which might not be so bad i guess.

Anyway...i still love the stuff and don't want to give it up. Do any of you that are close enough to smell me think that i smell like mosquito repellent? Do any of you use this and have you ever gotten that comment?

I'm all confused.


Levi said...

Tactless. Guy has a lousy sense of smell. Just don't smell like patchouli. damn hippies.

Jayne said...

At least he didn't say "You smell... outdoorsie." :)
I don't think you smell like repellant, and if it repelled him he must be closely related to mosquitos.

karla said...

touche jayne! Awesome comment! I always think you smell like lavendar and sage - wonderful.

Hey that's me said...

You better bring it to Oregon so I can be the judge.