September 2, 2010

Have I told you lately that I love you?

If you worked at Camp will understand that title. If not...well, I love you :-)

I worked at a Boy Scout camp up in the Tetons for three years, about 10 years ago. I loved it and have wanted to go back ever since. One of the many reasons i loved camp was these girls:

Eight girls spending three months in the middle of nowhere with no electricity, no flushing toilets, mice for bed-mates, grasshoppers in the soup, BBQ sauce, peeping toms and 300 crazy boy scouts tends to create a lifelong bond...or lifelong dislike ;-)

These ones i like. Which is good because one of them became my sister-in-law. All three of my brothers worked there and one of them was smart enough to marry Jayne. Camps creates all sort of bonds. hehe. But really, how blessed am I? Very.

We shared so much and helped each other through hard times. And ten years later we are still friends. We have all changed so much...yet really not at all. There are a few husbands in the mix now and several children, and in my case a few more pounds, but it's amazing how much we have not changed.

This is DeAnne and her husband Cortney (they also met at a scout camp!)

Sadly we don't see each other as much as we like.

We finally got together Sunday evening and as usual it felt like no time had passed.

Which basically means laughing a lot.

This is us eleven years ago...also laughing

And here we are now. See! Haven't changed at all. Well, we probably smell better now...

Heidi, Heathen, Me, Jayne and DeAnne. Ah the strange and unsanitary experiences we have shared....

The cute redhead in the front? She is my friend who also happens to be my sister-in-law.

She gave birth to these ankle biters:

Which i can't thank her enough for. They are my babies.

I mean they came from her womb...but whatever. Details.

Heathen also has beautiful babies and this one came with her.

Seriously. Look at that face. Just like his mom ;-)

And they all got along!

I think camp friendships are passed along genetically.

And someday when my kids (being optimistic here!!) are old enough I will be sending them to work at camp. It will change their lives and they will make friendships that will never end.

Love you girls!


BUSH BABE said...

I love these posts of yours Kate - how precious are all these kids, and how wonderful the friendships you enjoy.

And on a completely shallow note, can I just say how INCREDIBLE is your hair? WOW!!! I am so jealous...

thompson said...

How fun you girls are so beautiful!! I miss all of you so much but I am glad that you still get together and have fun! Loll is a home for many of us and brought so many wonderful ladies together!! You are so cute and so is this bunch of girls.