September 21, 2010

Doesn't get much better than this!

A week on the Oregon coast with family pretty much says it all.

This was us the first night. We weren't there two minutes before ripping off the shoes and hitting the sand.

The Oregon Coast is generally known for being overcast and rainy but we lucked out and got four days of sun! And then three gorgeous rainy days. Luckily it's amazing rainy as well.

We had beautiful views from our back porch. The house was right on the beach.

This beautiful baby was such a joy.

She loved the fire.

We are a card playing family. My mom and aunt cheat...just saying.

Have you redeemed yourself yet Eric?

Lot's of yummy food was consumed.

We ate crab and fresh fish and handmade pasta and all sorts of other yummy things.

We of course went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for cheese samples and ice cream.

If you look closely you will notice that JB has three different kinds of fried potatoes in front of him. We like to eat well-rounded meals.

Lot's of pictures in front of this giant rock

My cute dad.

Oh wait! I've saved the best two images for last.

Her tongue hanging out is my favorite part.

And then there is this

Seriously. My heart melts every time I see it. JB wanted to wear his cape to look for shells. Just this tiny little person in a cape on a big empty beach. I'm done.

Don't worry. There are a lot more images coming. I'm trying to pace myself. What did the rest of you do the past week?


Jayne said...

My only regret of the trip was we didn't get a new photo of you and I on the beach! The one of us from 7 years ago is a permanent favorite of mine.

P.S. the photo of Cambo and I in the kitchen should be burned.

karla said...

it's only cheating if you get got, otherwise it's called "STRATEGY"!