September 30, 2010

Creature Feature

This one time...a week ago, I went to the beach.

I was strolling along the shore, enjoying the feel of the sand in between my toes and the waves crashing in trying to suck me out into the abyss...when suddenly a strange creature washed up right in front of me.

Sadly. My first thought upon seeing him was "YUM!". I know. I have issues.

I got over the initial urge to eat him, it was really cool to see a crab up close.

Their little faces are really cool.

He was struggling in the surf so eventually we helped him out a bit and he escaped.

Late that night I paid $19 a lb to eat...crab.


Amanda said...

lol. Upon reading this I don't know if I should call you a sucker, or a savior. :)

BUSH BABE said...

Funny! Exactly how I would react too...