July 30, 2010

The Whole Famdamly

This June the whole Kepsel clan gathered in Zion National Park for a reunion. It's been years and years since we have been together and it was so wonderful.

Here are lot's of pics.

The reason we are... Grandpa Ben and his four boys.

Terrorizing Grandma Jackie, like always.

The whole Kepsel Clan. (well, most of us. Lot's of cousins couldn't make it)

I was thinking that it would interesting for Grandpa to look at all of us and know that we all came from him. We are all his fault ;-)

How many Kepsel's does it take to light a birthday cake?

For the cake decorations we had everyone find something that said "Grandpa" to them and put it on the cake.

It turned out pretty darn funny. We had funny sayings, matches (blue darts...), an American flag, a boat (sinking), beer of course, vintage car, gun, hot peppers, chocolate, nacho cheese and weird cracker/potted meat sandwiches that he used to make for the boys.

And my personal favorite:

A dead bunny in a pool of blood. Awesome eh?

When the boys were young my Grandpa raised eating rabbits. He used to make the boys slaughter them...with a pipe. They all still have nightmares.

How sweet are these little cousins?

Levi took EJ and JB on a wild bear hunt. Be verwy verwy qwuite...

Don't you think EJ's shorts are perfect for hunting? She blends right in.

He pretends to be all tough but he's a total softie when it comes to these munchkins.

Why is Levi laughing so hard?

Because he just did this...

Good times my friends. Good times.

More to come, don't you worry!

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