July 6, 2010

It's Official

I'm the worst blogger ever.

This summer has been crazy already! My head has spun off several times already.

I received a new calling/job at church that has kept me hopping.

There was the big Kepsel Family Reunion to plan and attend.

There have been three big camping trips already.

I've been super busy building my brother's website for his sweet new guiding business, Desert Mountain Guides. If you are ever in Utah and want to see some amazing country, give him a call.

And I designed and printed wedding invitations for good friend. Talk about stress! I may show you them at some point. They were so fun to design but it's scary to show others...

But it has been really fun and i'm not complaining at all.

Here is a photo smorgasbord of the summer so far.

Had an amazing birthday with friends.

I tried slack-lining. It's really fun! And hard...

Baby C is getting so big!

EJ made this for me on my phone.

My amazing great-grandmother passed away at 98. These beautiful women are my great-aunts. And they are indeed great. (this was May 23rd, it was freezing)

Camping trip in Moab.

Baseball on hot summer nights.

The Kepsel Clan

Natalie's bridal shower. Lot's of panties...

And the Zion shuttle.

More to come...just you wait.

1 comment:

Jayne said...

Great post, Kate! This summer has been great so far, I agree.

I'm patiently waiting for more photos.