July 20, 2010

A camera would've been nice...

Saturday I went riding. It had been awhile and i was having horse withdrawals. My bishop, pastor for those of you who don't speak Mormon ;-), has five beautiful horses that a friend of mine has been working this summer and we decided to take them out on a trail ride.

They were all roans. Two blue and three red.

At the last minute Bishop decided to come along. That right there meant the ride was going from leisurely to death-defying.

I ended up on a beautiful blue roan named Hector. He is really tall. I'm not. Enough said on the mounting issue.

Look at his ears. He loves me.

I will also tell you that these horses have been lounging in a high mountain field all spring and they are...fat. Really fat. It would've been pretty funny to see them huffing and puffing up the hills if i wasn't empathizing so much :-)

Anyway. The first hour or so was pretty mellow. Crossed a river. Went up a steep hill. Reached top of hill. And it all went downhill from there. Ha! Get it? Downhill? I crack myself up.

I really wish i would've had my camera. The pictures would've been priceless.

Bishop asked us (3 girls) if we were ready for some bushwhacking. Brooke and I said no (we know Bishop), Anne said yes. So we went.

It was Man From Snowy River!!! I kid you not. We headed straight down the mountain. There were a few really tight switchbacks but mostly is was leaning all the way back to the horse's butt and hanging on for dear life. There are times in your life when you just have to give your horse his head...and this was one of them. (that was deep, think about it)

The horses were amazing. Mountain horses for sure. They just headed down, never hesitating...until the very end. The mountain comes to an abrupt stop where they cut the cattle road. It goes from scrub to a four foot drop to road. The other three horses just went off the edge and sort of shuffled down. Hector stopped on the edge, looked over and said something like "oh hell no" (pardon my french, horses are a bit vulgar). Everyone stood below me, waiting, so i kicked Hector and said "Come on pansy!". He of course didn't like that, being a young buck, and decided to show me a thing or two. He jumped. Really jumped. That was about as close to really swearing as I've ever come. I may of yelled "SHIZ" right in front of my Bishop. But i didn't swear!! Be proud Dad. I stayed in the saddle but I gripping that horn so hard the saddle yelled. Bad form. I know.

Bishop was laughing his head off but i decided to wait until i could breathe again before laughing.

The rest of the ride was relatively uneventful...except for the huge Angus bull guarding his girls and babies. Oh and the rickety bridge that wasn't built to hold a horse's weight. The horses might of been swearing on that one too.

Anyways. Long story. But the long and short of it is that it was a fabulous day. I was reminded of why i love horses. They really are amazing creatures. Also they are brats. Just saying.

I will be going again next week...maybe without Bishop.

"Right Hector?"

"Hell no."

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karla said...

I can so picture you at that cliff edge. HAhahahahahah!