March 12, 2010

The end has come...

Yesterday was momentous.

10 years ago I worked as the cook at a Boy Scout camp up in the Tetons called Camp Loll.

(this pic is from camp, don't you love being able to scan old images??)

It was amazing and i loved it and wish I could live there permanently...but that's for a much longer post.

This post is about a roll of tin foil.

Wait don't leave!!!

Ok so we ordered these huge rolls of plastic wrap and tin foil that would last all summer...and they did. And more.

When summer was over i took home the leftover box of tin foil.

That box of tin foil ran out last night. After 10 years.

I was a bit sad. I was starting to think that it was a magic box of tin foil that would always be with me.

But alas. It was not to be.

The end.


Jayne said...

Life as we know it will never be the same!!


Just seeing that roll at your house was such a comfort to me - like that blissful time of our lives really did happen and wasn't just a dream. Now where shall I turn to make it all seem real?!

Oh wait. Maybe to my husband and his family. Never would have been a Kepsel without Camp Loll:)

meegz said...

Awww, good bye sweet aluminum foil.:(

BUSH BABE said...

Now THAT is a roll of foil!

Cortney and DeAnn said...

HA ha! No way! That's pretty sweet!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness you are right Jayne! Man thank goodness for camp. What would do without you in our family...and the cute kids you birthed ;-)

Such good foil. Covered so many dishes of death. Unborn baby chickens of death. Bloody roast beast of death...

Anonymous said...

You had better go get another one. If you don't you will be experiencing re-occuring statements of "dang I'm out of foil again". Just a thought - when you are used to the good life you should stick to it. - Bill