January 18, 2010


I went to a BYU basketball game on Saturday.

I don't like BYU...but they were playing CSU and my friend Brittany went there. So we went to cheer them on.

Actually, i cheered for both sides. I don't like to take sides. I believe that every accomplishment should be recognized. People hate going to games with me...

Anyhoo, turns out halftime was the best part. A group of ladies, aged 50-93, called the Golden Girls performed and they were so great! They wore sparkling cowboy hats and danced to Love Shack. They did THE ROBOT!!! Yup, you heard me, the robot. It was amazing.


The oldest lady in the group did a little solo. She totally rocked out. Then at the age of 93 she did a high kick to rival any cheerleader there. She ended in the splits. The splits. I can't do the splits.

It was rather amazing.

Game was good. CSU lost. Little boy sitting by us was really really annoying. Good times!

Oh! Parting shot. Does this ad make anyone else laugh as hard as i did?

The mascot for BYU is a cougar. But I'm really just picturing the hotel filling up with 55 yr old women and their 22 yr old boy toys :-)

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Sue said...

I love the image in my mind... Then you had to go ruin it and tell us about the BYU Cougars. :)