November 25, 2009

Thank you!!!

Just found this site and sent my postcard. It is a super quick and easy way to let our service men and women know that we support them. It's the least we can do.

Please take a minute and send a postcard. Especially at this time of year when these brave men and woman are very far from home.

There is also a cool movement going around to wear red shirts on Friday in support of our service men and woman. I'm going to try and wear red every Friday. No matter what you think about the past president, the current president or the war...we should be supporting the troops. Join me!


November 24, 2009

Better Late Than Never...

That is true right?

I went on a wonderful trip to Oregon last month but have just not been blogging like i should be. But I'm going to be better. I promise. Please don't leave me! Please!

Not that I'm begging or anything...

Anyhoo, i just love my visits there. I love Oregon so much anyway but it's makes it 100 times better that I have wonderful family there. I love spending time with my Aunt and my cousins and especially baby JT!

I love my niece and nephews more than anything but there is a special bond with JT. I think it might be that i go and spend 24 hrs a day with him for five or six days. And it's just wonderful.

Okay, here you go Aunt Sue. Pictures of an amazing little man!

One, two, three..JUMP!!

Mom is very good at drawing Mickey Mouse.

Toilet Paper Ninja!

Step 1: Spy very large puppy (5 month old mastiff named Lucy)

Step 2: Approach said puppy very cautiously.

Step 3: Pet said puppy while keeping as much distance as possible.

I then rushed in to pet her and this happened:

I was in love. Smitten. Deep Smit.

I would like to say that JT is reaching for me here. That he just wants his Aunt KK to hold him...But he wants my phone.

And he is starting to get annoyed that he can't have it.

JT eating the best doughnuts on the planet. I haven't actually had doughnuts all over the planet but i feel pretty confident in my statement. They were pumpkin spice cake doughnuts and they hot and i almost cried.

I love you JT!! Oh and everyone else out there too :-)

I'll be back soon!

Parting shot. A devil bunny. Seriously. Look at his eyes. RED!!!


November 20, 2009

Cooking Geek Heaven

There is this store in Eugene, OR that I just love. I wish I could remember the name (Chandra?). I really could spend serious amounts of money in there...if I had serious amounts of money. As it is, I wander through, coveting everything and buying nothing.

But no pity please!

I still have a pretty good life...

Anyway :-)

Le Creuset. Lot's and lot's of bright, bold, perfect Le Creuset. I can't afford this stuff AT ALL so i'm waiting to win one of PW's contests. Not holding my breath.

Wonderful Lodge. Now this i can afford. I love my Lodge dutch ovens. Seriously. Love.

A big, deep dutch oven is a girl's best friend out in the woods. It's true. I have had grown men standing in line, begging for the delicious things that come out of a dutch oven. Too bad they were all married. I should try this with some single guys...

A bouquet of KitchenAid mixers. Hello Beautiful!!

I was loving this bright display of contraptions that NO ONE needs but i still wanted them.
They are produce savers. You are supposed to put the corresponding piece of produce in the container and it keeps it fresh. Not sure what happened to using a good ole zip-lock bag but these are cute.

Speak of produce. Have you all experienced the heaven that is Jalapeno Jelly? It is divine. Sweet and spicy and delicious. Poor it on a brick of cream cheese, add some crackers and you are set for the night. It's addictive.

Loved the packaging on this. Perfect.

And last but certainly not least...Mrs Meyers!!

I love this line of cleaning products. And nowhere in Utah has this good of a selection. My favorite scent is the geranium but they are all pretty darn nice. It's all natural and uses essential oils. I'm hooked. Here is the website if you want to check it out.

Maybe i should do a Mrs Meyers giveaway. And since i only have about 10 readers your chances will be really good! Check back next week.

Alright, enough rambling for one Friday. Have a great weekend friends!

November 16, 2009

Mailbox Monday - 11/16/09

Mailbox Monday is where we post about the books we found in our mailboxes the past week. It is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. Thanks Marcia!

This week I received four new books, all of which I was very excited about.

The first was How To Raise The Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan
I love him and watch his show all the time. I bought this for my brother and SIL but i will be reading it too!

Second was A Painted House by John Grisham (finished it already, loved it)

Third was Mr. Darcy's Diary: A Novel by Amanda Grange (very excited to read this one, i've heard good things)

Fourth was Blueprint for Love by Monya Clayton
I finished this one and it was a cute love story but not as good as her other novel The Pirate and The Puritan. I heard of that one on Library of Clean Reads and really enjoyed it. If you like a great love story without the graphic sex you will love it. Blueprint for Love was still a cute story but had a lot more sex, i had to skip quite a few pages.

You should check out Marcia's blog, see what others have received and play along.

November 4, 2009

I hate clowns.

And i don't use the word hate lightly. They truly terrify me. Even the happy ones. Keep that in mind as you read this post.

Halloween was really fun this year. As opposed to last year when i stayed home and went to bed early :-) This year...get ready for it...i went out Friday AND Saturday night. I know. Pick yourself up off the floor and keep reading.

I did the masquerade thing this year, which was a departure from my typical hippie costume. Sadly all the stuff for the hippie costume can come straight out of my closet. Makes for a cheap costume though!

But i found a pretty mask and was convinced to go with it.
Hattie, sitting next to me was a redneck bride, it was pretty dang funny.

Natalie was Wilma.

Whitney is a super talented hair and makeup guru and she was a geisha. Her makeup was amazing.

Good times had by all.
Seriously jealous of Anne's fro. Need to get me one of those.

Until THIS happened:

You honestly don't even know how hard it is for me to post this picture. I'm trying to type with my eyes closed. I did not actually take this picture, a friend did, i was curled up on the floor, trying to think of my happy place.

It's a good thing Mario was there to protect me.
The stupid clown followed me around for awhile till my friends realized that I wasn't laughing and they kindly asked it to leave. Thank you friends! And get this! The clown was a chick! That might be against God's plan. Just saying.

Anyway, hope you all had a fun and clown-free Halloween!