September 21, 2009


My friend Kimberly gave me this Halloween gift.

So cute right?

Nope! Not cute. Disgusting. Just squeeze it and this happens.

Yes that is it's eyeball bulging out. And no those are not brains you see mixed with blood.

They are worms.

Bon Appetit!!

September 17, 2009

True Beauty

Forget mountains, babies, horses, the desert, sunrise, sunset, family, Yellowstone, the Tetons, waterfalls, snow and fall in New Hampshire.

Forget Christian Bale, butterflies, weddings, pristine lakes, birds in flight, Hugh Jackman, Australia, Snowy River country and Africa.


(photo courtesy of Bake or Break, she has the MOST amazing recipes, you will love her)

Is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Check out the recipe, bake, eat and get back to me.

Can you tell I'm on a diet?

September 14, 2009

Salty, peppery happiness

I have found a new love. I haven't found love in a while so this was a welcome surprise.

Lay's came out with a new flavor of Kettle Cooked chips called Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper.

(please take note of the apple sitting next to the chips.)

Seriously, heaven in a bag my friends. I know, i know. Potato chips aren't the healthiest of snacks but if you are going to splurge on something, this should be it.

I love the kettle chips anyway, they are thick and crispy, but adding the pepper has made them to die for.

If only i could find this perfection in a man...

September 10, 2009

The Great Dane Monster

I was wandering about at the farmer's market yesterday, minding my own business, searching for the perfect cucumber, when i was senselessly attacked by an animal that i have absolutely no defenses against.

Yup, it was a three-month old Blue Great Dane puppy. A tall, skinny, lurpy, gangly, big-footed Great Dane puppy.

I immediately crumpled to the ground in a submissive posture and started scratching the beast in hopes that it would take pity on me.

It didn't.

It laid it's big head on my lap and and looked up at me with big blue eyes and i was a goner. I was his captive for a good 20 mins. They are sneaky little buggers.

Don't make eye contact.

And never, never, never touch those ears. They are like crack.


It took several armed men to drag me away.

September 5, 2009


My favorite place. The bow of the boat. Cruising along.

My church group headed down to Lake Powell a week ago and we had such a great time. I have fallen in love with Powell. It is so beautiful there and we had such a fun group. I was NOT excited about spending four days in a swimsuit with everyone from church but oh well, they all know me much better now...

Whitney and I drove down and it's actually a really pretty drive too. Southern Utah is rather amazing.

This reminded me of Ayers Rock in Australia. Not as big but still...

There is funky gas station inside the rock.

The hardcore skiers got up at the crack of dawn and went barefoot skiing while the water was still perfect.

The rest of us watched from the houseboat.

The first day a bunch of us girls went on a scenic tour as a couple of us had not been before.
For those of you that don't know Lake Powell is basically a big reservoir. A long time ago "they" damned the river and it created Lake Powell. There is a still a huge battle waging about it and the ecological damage it has caused. But it has also provided a steady water supply for a lot of farmers and ranchers. I tried not to think about the politics and just enjoyed the beauty.

I seriously could ride around in a boat all day and night. I love it.

We went back into one of the canyons and the water was glass. It was so beautiful.

We went on a little hike too.

And found a Sego Lily! This is the Utah state flower and it is very pretty. It also smells heavenly. They are very rare and hard to find. And somehow manage to grow out of sand in the middle of nowhere.

The rest of the time was spent swimming, boating, skiing, tubing, sunbathing and generally having a great time!

September 2, 2009

The Alley

I am so behind!!! Sorry to all of my avid readers...there are two i think, hi Mom!

Anne, Whitney and I went to the bowling alley for some Saturday night fun a few weeks ago and i feel the need to share. This bowling alley, much like the one in Morgan, is awesome. The best place ever for people watching. There is a cafe there that supposedly serves the best chili dogs and shakes in the county. I haven't tried them yet but i believe it.

They also serve this...

Do you see that? Bud Light & Clamato! Okay, i don't drink so i'm way out of it, but i had no idea they made this. It sounds gross. Brittany says it's quite popular. Do you any of you drinkers out there drink this? Is it good?

Turns out that they eat fries and hamburgers with a fork and knife in Scotland (that's where Whitney is from).

This was the cutest old couple eating there. They were so sweet and i loved that they were eating at the bowling alley.

And then it was time to bowl. Bring it on.

It was also a dance party. If you know Anne at all, you know that wherever she is there is a dance party.

Working the jukebox.

We were pretty excited about the first round.

Ignore the fact that only one of us broke 100.

Second round was better.

We all broke 100 and look at the scores. 103, 104, 105. We didn't' even plan that.

And as a final note. We had the bumpers in :-)