July 24, 2009

Cascade Springs

Jayleb invited me to join them on Monday for Family Night and we headed to a beautiful place here in the valley. It's called Cascade Springs. Something to do with this spring and some cascading...not sure. Technically the water comes up from an aquifer that runs under the mountains. And that's as technical as i will be getting. It is cool though. We live in the high desert and you are just trotting along and all of a sudden there is water everwhere!

See there is a hill and some trees and then water.

There was a big fire a few years ago so all of the bigger trees are dead but everything else is greener and more beautiful than ever. People forget how essential fire is to the ecosystem. Just saying.

Nutrition was needed before embarking on our journey.

One victim of the fire was this tree.

Or is it a deer? Don't you guys see a deer? Maybe it's just me.

Along with cross-eyes EJ has taken to some new poses.

This is winsome...

And this is cheeky. Get it? Cheeky? Ha!

The kid cracks me up.

The munchkins and CJ's camera. I covet it.

I know it's weired but i love grass. Tall, waving in the wind grass. Nothing prettier than a field of golden wheat in the wind.

You can tell we live in farm/ranch country. We are way up in the mtns and still come across clumps of alfalpha chilling with the other grasses.

Thistle, thought it was pretty.

Thanks guys!

July 21, 2009

Lovely Saturday

I had such a fun saturday this past weekend. I went over to Jayleb's house early (EARLY!!!) and watched the munchkins while Jayleb went and hiked Timp. And we had so much fun! I just love those little monsters!

JB and I played outside while EJ was napping. You can tell by the look on his face that he was having a great time.

He then fell asleep on me. It did not seem very comfortable but he was out like a light.

Luckily Papa was there working on my jeep (thanks Dad!) and he helped me put EJ down for her nap...and then fell asleep himself. It's hard work!

We had lot's of fun and i definitely needed a nap by the time Jayleb got home.

Then later that night we all met up again for a free concert in the park. The singer was Shane Jackman and he was so good. Also he has the same last name as Hugh Jackman. Need i say more?

This image is courtesy of EJ.

She loves those stairs. They lead to the crater which she also loves.

EJ has learned to cross her eyes and just about every picture now comes out this way:

Turns out that Dads are the best seat in the house.

July 14, 2009

The color of contentment

Hopefully Jayne doesn't kill me for this.

I took this photo of Caleb and Jayne a few weeks ago without them knowing it. I was so excited when i got home and saw. I loved it but thought that i would play with some of Pioneer Woman's PS actions.

Here it is SOOC (straight-out-of-camera).

And here are some actions i tried.

Black & White Beauty


Soft and Faded


I really liked warmer but then i tried Heartland.

And loved it. This is one i ended up blowing up and framing for them.

What do you guys think? Which one do you like best?

July 8, 2009

Cherry Pickin'

This was actually a few weeks ago, i am so behind! The summer is certainly busy.

Some friends of ours have a fabulous cherry tree in their yard and they invited us over to pick it clean. Mom and Jayne had grand plans for canning and pies.

You can't really tell but the branches are so heavy with cherries. When we were done picking a branch it would shoot back up in the air.

It was raining when we started but that didn't stop us!

Okay it stopped the kids. Pansy's ;-)

Not sure why mom has rubber gloves in the car but they turned out to be pretty good toys.

You don't even want to know the precarious positions Monkey had the ladder in. But he lived.

It turns out there is this very scary, very dangerous breed of spider that lives in cherry trees. I was attacked a couple of times. I'll be okay but it was iffy for a while there.

Jonah was very content to sit in the car, eat, drink and play. Strange child.

Emmy was very happy to test the cherries for tastiness. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it.

We found this brood of baby owls in the tree. They weren't very happy to see us.

Kidding these ornery little buggers live at the zoo. I just love this picture, they look so mad. Cami took this a couple of weeks ago and i stole it. Thanks Cami!

Oh and here are the fruits of our labors! Thanks mom and jayne!

Aren't bottled cherries pretty? Love it.

July 6, 2009

Recession? Really?

Mom and I had to stop at Costco for a birthday cake on Friday. I was hit three times by carts (further proving my theory that i am, in fact, invisible). The checkout lines stretched back down the aisles. I yelled at some people. Have i told you lately that i don't handle crowds well? Anyway i heard somewhere that there was a recession on but it's hard to believe when standing in a Costco. Craziness.

July 2, 2009

Wetter than usual.

So i live in a region lovingly referred to as the High Desert. It is normally hot and dry. This spring has been very different. Meaning it has rained. A lot. And I love it. It is so beautiful and green.

This is a beautiful historic barn in town. They put the giant flag up every spring. I love old buildings. And flags. Good combo.

The white bumps are snow. Left from the ski jumps.

Lilac grows really well here for some reason. And every spring for just a couple of weeks, the air is heavy with fragrance. It's intoxicating.

The mountains are so beautiful after the rain.

Jayne's peas are growing like weeds.


The rays shooting up through the clouds are so beautiful. My cousin Laila told me years ago that they were angel rays and it's always stuck.

Headed down a canyon near my house. Sorry, the photos were taken with my iphone through a dirty windshield. But i had to take them, it's just so green!

This post was mostly for me so I'm sorry if you were bored! Someday i will get a new camera and be able to take spectacular shots.