December 14, 2009


This was the Jeep Sunday morning. I was really nervous about the weight on the soft top...but obviously not worried enough to not stop and take a picture before cleaning it off.


BUSH BABE said...

Holy Moly Kate... I needed to see that this morning!!! Stinking hot here (again) but overcast so hoping for a little H2O.

Jayne said...

We're having snow happiness on this side of the mountain too! The kids have been out at least once every day since all this began. The neighbor boys have her sledding down some ridiculous hills - and she's fearless.
Good thing snow is soft.

Is your jeep ok?

Kate said...

BB - oh i hope you get some rain! We got a ton of snow but it's cleared up now and it's just cold :-) I'll wish some of it your way!

Jayne - Oh i bet she is a crazy fearless sledder :-) And yeah the jeep made it through ok...but the engine light came on. Not sure what's up with that.