November 4, 2009

I hate clowns.

And i don't use the word hate lightly. They truly terrify me. Even the happy ones. Keep that in mind as you read this post.

Halloween was really fun this year. As opposed to last year when i stayed home and went to bed early :-) This year...get ready for it...i went out Friday AND Saturday night. I know. Pick yourself up off the floor and keep reading.

I did the masquerade thing this year, which was a departure from my typical hippie costume. Sadly all the stuff for the hippie costume can come straight out of my closet. Makes for a cheap costume though!

But i found a pretty mask and was convinced to go with it.
Hattie, sitting next to me was a redneck bride, it was pretty dang funny.

Natalie was Wilma.

Whitney is a super talented hair and makeup guru and she was a geisha. Her makeup was amazing.

Good times had by all.
Seriously jealous of Anne's fro. Need to get me one of those.

Until THIS happened:

You honestly don't even know how hard it is for me to post this picture. I'm trying to type with my eyes closed. I did not actually take this picture, a friend did, i was curled up on the floor, trying to think of my happy place.

It's a good thing Mario was there to protect me.
The stupid clown followed me around for awhile till my friends realized that I wasn't laughing and they kindly asked it to leave. Thank you friends! And get this! The clown was a chick! That might be against God's plan. Just saying.

Anyway, hope you all had a fun and clown-free Halloween!


Jayne said...

Kate, you look GORGEOUS!!

Not that you don't always look gorgeous, but those eyelashes are ROCKIN!!

Chandra said...

I'm sorry Kate, but I HAD to share this:

Kate said...

Wow, thanks Chandra. Like i wasn't traumatized enough! ;-)