November 20, 2009

Cooking Geek Heaven

There is this store in Eugene, OR that I just love. I wish I could remember the name (Chandra?). I really could spend serious amounts of money in there...if I had serious amounts of money. As it is, I wander through, coveting everything and buying nothing.

But no pity please!

I still have a pretty good life...

Anyway :-)

Le Creuset. Lot's and lot's of bright, bold, perfect Le Creuset. I can't afford this stuff AT ALL so i'm waiting to win one of PW's contests. Not holding my breath.

Wonderful Lodge. Now this i can afford. I love my Lodge dutch ovens. Seriously. Love.

A big, deep dutch oven is a girl's best friend out in the woods. It's true. I have had grown men standing in line, begging for the delicious things that come out of a dutch oven. Too bad they were all married. I should try this with some single guys...

A bouquet of KitchenAid mixers. Hello Beautiful!!

I was loving this bright display of contraptions that NO ONE needs but i still wanted them.
They are produce savers. You are supposed to put the corresponding piece of produce in the container and it keeps it fresh. Not sure what happened to using a good ole zip-lock bag but these are cute.

Speak of produce. Have you all experienced the heaven that is Jalapeno Jelly? It is divine. Sweet and spicy and delicious. Poor it on a brick of cream cheese, add some crackers and you are set for the night. It's addictive.

Loved the packaging on this. Perfect.

And last but certainly not least...Mrs Meyers!!

I love this line of cleaning products. And nowhere in Utah has this good of a selection. My favorite scent is the geranium but they are all pretty darn nice. It's all natural and uses essential oils. I'm hooked. Here is the website if you want to check it out.

Maybe i should do a Mrs Meyers giveaway. And since i only have about 10 readers your chances will be really good! Check back next week.

Alright, enough rambling for one Friday. Have a great weekend friends!


BUSH BABE said...

What a cool post Kate!!! Love Le Creuset stuff - am pretty sure PW takes my name out of her contests to avoid paying the shipping to Oz (heh, MUST be the reason I never win!).

Do some recipes for us... your dutch oven ones please!

PS THANKS so much for your blog button for my calendar... I am almost sold out of the first run! I am gobsmacked...

Jayne said...

The Mrs Meyers products look awesome! I just wandered around the site for a while.

Do I have to get you a book for Christmas? Can't I just forget college for both kids and buy you everything that Le Creuset makes?


We will both be disgustingly wealth someday. I can feel it.

Sue said...

Lovely pictures of pans for those of you who cook, but I'm still waiting for the pictures of slugs from Tryon Creek State Park. Oh, and maybe a couple of a cute little boy:)

Kate said...

BB - That must be it! I wonder if it costs a lot to ship to Utah as well cuz i sure never win. And i will certainly post some recipes, they are so yummy.

Jayne - yes we will and who needs college? It's for dummies ;-)

Aunt Sue - They are coming!!! Sorry!

Sue said...

The store is Hardwick's. Forgot to tell you that.