October 28, 2009

Feedbag Fun For Friday

I have some very important information to pass along to all of my lovely readers. Information that you really should have. Information that just might save your life. That's just kind the of girl i am.

Okay, the life saving thing may be pushing it. Ooh ooh!!! Nope. It will keep you from being Bored To Death! Ha! Get it? Hello? Is this thing on?

Anyway, each Friday I sit anxiously on the edge of my seat, refreshing iTunes, drumming my fingers...um, i mean working really hard and focusing on my job... just waiting for the new episode of the Discovery News Friday Feedbag to be posted. (I get them as a podcast on my iTunes.)

All ya'll really need to start listening to it. I learn tons of very useful facts each week, which i then use to sound smart in group settings. Will, Jorge and James are the hosts and they are so funny. They are very sarcastic, which might explain why i like the show. James and Jorge each bring 3 amazing science stories to wow us with and Will moderates. You get to vote for you favorite story each week and somebody wins eventually.

This past week I learned about how dangerous spider sex is, woolly mammoths falling out of glaciers and about how the US got rick-rolled by a tropical storm. It was better than college.

Check them out. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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