October 6, 2009

Dry, Cracked and Bleeding...

Those words describe the sad state of my lips. It ain't pretty. Winter is upon us here in the high desert and it is drier than a mouth after a saltine eating competition (don't ever do that by the way).

All of my skin is dry but my poor lips seem to take the brunt of it. I am always on the lookout for an amazing new lip balm to cure me and yesterday I found a great new one.

It's called LypSyl, which i'd never heard of before, but it has coconut oil...and i love coconut oil. It's also a bee's wax formula and i'm a big believer in bee's wax.

Anyway, i love it. It feels great, smells great, stays on for a long time and i think it's really helping.

Ok ready for the best part? Instead of twisting it to move the stuff up there is this:

It's a little bee! How cute is that? Pretty dang cute if you ask me. It might be the whole reason i bought it. Just saying.

I got mine at Rite Aid but i'm sure lot's of places carry it. Here is the link to the site if you want it.

I promise i will blog about something important and exciting....as soon as something important and exciting happens. Sigh.


Bush Babe said...

How are cracked lips not important? I myself (and I) use Blistex in the pot - tickles but works a treat.

The Wageman Clan said...

I probably would buy it for the cute little bee too. :)