September 5, 2009


My favorite place. The bow of the boat. Cruising along.

My church group headed down to Lake Powell a week ago and we had such a great time. I have fallen in love with Powell. It is so beautiful there and we had such a fun group. I was NOT excited about spending four days in a swimsuit with everyone from church but oh well, they all know me much better now...

Whitney and I drove down and it's actually a really pretty drive too. Southern Utah is rather amazing.

This reminded me of Ayers Rock in Australia. Not as big but still...

There is funky gas station inside the rock.

The hardcore skiers got up at the crack of dawn and went barefoot skiing while the water was still perfect.

The rest of us watched from the houseboat.

The first day a bunch of us girls went on a scenic tour as a couple of us had not been before.
For those of you that don't know Lake Powell is basically a big reservoir. A long time ago "they" damned the river and it created Lake Powell. There is a still a huge battle waging about it and the ecological damage it has caused. But it has also provided a steady water supply for a lot of farmers and ranchers. I tried not to think about the politics and just enjoyed the beauty.

I seriously could ride around in a boat all day and night. I love it.

We went back into one of the canyons and the water was glass. It was so beautiful.

We went on a little hike too.

And found a Sego Lily! This is the Utah state flower and it is very pretty. It also smells heavenly. They are very rare and hard to find. And somehow manage to grow out of sand in the middle of nowhere.

The rest of the time was spent swimming, boating, skiing, tubing, sunbathing and generally having a great time!


Bush Babe said...

Man that was one MEGA post! Gorgeous shots of the landscape, and some lovely people pix mixed in! Looks like amazing fun. We used to water ski right past our house but alas, a long drought has robbed us of our river!

Enjoyed this heaps (and yes, that did look like Ayers Rock, or to be completely politically correct: Uluru).

Kate said...

Ha! Yeah it's long one BB. I kept trying to cut out pics but gave up. That would be so nice to ski so close to your house. I miss living by water.

Oops, sorry, not very PC of me. We aren't very up to date on aboriginal affairs here. Big surprise :-)

Brett, Kendra & Carter said...

That looks like lots of fun! I forget how beautiful Southern Utah is! It has been a long time since I've been down that way!