August 7, 2009

Sweet Gun

My Grandparents Kepsel were just here visiting and it was just so fun. Grandpa always has the best stories to tell, i could listen to them forever. And Grandma knows our family history very well which i also love to learn about.

Several months ago my Grandpa gave me an old gun that was given to him by his Aunt Kate and he in turn passed it on to me. I love it. I love old stuff anyway but this is just very cool. First off it was my Grandpa's, secondly it was my Great Aunt Kate's (my name!!!) and lastly it's old and has a history. Can't get enough of that stuff.

So anyway i finally had it mounted in a shadowbox with the letter my Grandpa wrote about it and i think it turned out great!.

It's an old Smith & Wesson revolver.

You can't really read it but here is the letter that explains it's origins.

Here i will rewrite it. It's pretty cool.

"This pistol was given to me from (Aunt Kate) Katherine Crooks. My Grandmother Hiezler's Sister. I was home on leave from the Air Force in 1958. Granny asked me if i would go to Aunt Kate's house (log cabin) and clean up her yard. She lived in a log cabin on South River Rd in Mt. Clemens, MI. When i finished the job she wanted to pay me, which i refused. She went into the cabin and came out with this pistol in an old holster. The holster was in bad shape so i disposed of it (i should not have). But i retained the pistol for the the past 50 yrs."

Grandpa always has the best stories to tell, i could listen to them forever. He says that Aunt Kate was a tough old lady who had chickens everywhere. She would go out kill one, flip over the feed "bucket" and then cook that poor bird right in its own feed bucket! I wish i had a picture of her. I'll have to ask Grandpa if there is one. It also turns out that Aunt Kate and Granny Hiezler are the Irish part of the family, which i love. My Dad's side of the family is VERY German on both sides (Kepsel and Hiezler) but there is some strong Irish blood on my Grandpa's side (Flannigan). German-Irish. That explains a lot about our family...and our temperment!


Bush Babe said...

Cool. As much as a gun can be cool! (Not so much a fan I have to say, but being old and not in use... cool!). Love the way you have put it together with the letter - that will be worth so much (historically) to you and yours.

Kate said...

Thanks BB, i really love it, i love hearing stories about my past family. Just like those great pics you had on your blog a bit ago.

The Wageman Clan said...

That is really cool! What a neat thing to have, especially with a story and history behind it. I loved the shadow box idea. Really neat!

Jayne said...

Agree! Agree!
Hey Kate, I have Flannigan's in my history too! My Mom's side has tons of irish.
That's so creepy - we're practically related:)

Amanda said...

The more I find out about the Kepsel/Walden lines the more I wish I had it all written down.
Hey Kt, have you been able to use the new Geneological Library Program the church is using? My grandma was saying they put over 500,000 names in. Hopefully we can discover some new things (and if I give you puppy eyes you'll print it off and make it a book to give me and Zach for Christmas??? Zach would really treasure it.)
History is fun, family history is a treasure.