August 17, 2009

Reunion nummer eins

The parents, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Ken and I headed to Shoshone, Id this past weekend for a Newby/Johnson family reunion. It was a great weekend, i met more family members i didn't know i had... It's a big family.

The highlight of the reunion was that it is my Great Grandma Sarah's birthday. She turns 98 this week and still so full of spit and vinegar.

Friday night we got there, chitted the chat with some family and participated in the venerated Johnson family tradition of pinochle.

This is serious business in this family. And as my mom and i are really bad at pinochle we sat at our own table and played gin rummy. It's better that way.

We then went back to our room and watched a cool special about giant squids. Yeah, i know, we are CRAZY!!

The next day we got ready for some serious family time. At least Dad and Mom got to have fun riding the motorcycle.

Do you like that my Dad managed to keep his chair facing away from everyone?

Great Aunt Linda and Aunt Nancy.

Uncle Lynn

Great Aunt Norma

Uncle Alan and Aunt Helen (great)

Great Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy and Cousin Cody.

This is my Great Grandma Sarah's sister June. What does that make her to me? She is so sweet and makes killer bread.

This is Aunt Norma's grandson Thomas. I could'nt stop taking pics of him, he is so beautiful!

And this is my third cousin, twice removed Chico.

He is a young pup and i took a lot of pics of him too.

I also took pictures of this tree. I just thought it was so beautiful. I'm weird like that.

Each reunion we have an auction that finances the next reunion. It's usually just silly stuff but this year two of my Great Grandpa Aaron's (he died in '77) fishing poles were in it. As well as a really cool old poker chip set of my Great Grandma's.

My cousin Mike is the auctioneer and he is just too funny. If no one bids he just starts pointing at people and telling them how much they are going to pay.

He is also really good at modeling handmade aprons and other items of clothing.

All in all it was a great reunion. It's always lovely to spend time with family. Although i will say that it's not always good for your self esteem. Story. The first day my Great Uncle Elden comes up to me and says "Well, you aren't as pretty as your mom. But don't worry, you'll grow into it."

I love family!!


The Wageman Clan said...

What a nice Uncle Elden?!?! You are beautiful! It looks like you had a great reunion!

Jayne said...

We are both so sad we missed it:(
And who knows when there will be another one. *sigh* silly us. Looks like you had a great time!
Sweet Grandma Sarah - isn't she amazing? I hope I look as good as her when I'm 98:)

Sue said...

Love the pictures, Katie. Thanks for sharing them. Sure can see who some of us look like. Kendall and Uncle Bruce--very Grandpa Johnson! I'm sure I look like one of those old ladies:)I don't see Karla in anyone. Strange! By the way, Karla--I almost bought that colorful shirt. Then, I thought, I'll bet Karla has this so I'll get a different colorful shirt. Really!