August 12, 2009

Not so Wordless Wednesday

We had a family yard sale on Saturday and it was crazy! SOOOO many people showed up. There are people out there who just drive around and find yard sales on Saturdays. We did pretty well though, got rid of a lot of junk and made some money to buy more junk.

I sold an old fish tank which was great.

And the walker the EJ is sitting in. She wasn't sure why we were getting rid of any of this stuff. Didn't seem like junk to her!

My dad showed up to entertain the munchkins. He and JB are best buds. He loves his grandbabies.

But then he put this getup on and scared them all to death.

Kidding, they were fine. I was a bit scared...

These two gentlemen (back by the trailer) showed up and bought the two biggest tables there and they were so funny. They had just come from calving and were covered in who knows what. Well, i know what but i'm not going to discuss it before lunch. I love old ranchers. Salt of the earth.

Zach did a good job entertaining kids that showed up. Look at the red hair on that little girl!

Is also turns out the my punk little brother is really strong. He demonstrated this by doing a sideways handstand thing off the side of my jeep. No clue how he does it.

He did get his legs fully extended but my camera has a serious delay.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a wordless Wednesday but i obviously love words!

1 comment:

Jayne said...

That really was a stellar garage sale. I couldn't believe the crowds either! I had no idea that many people garage saled on Saturdays.

Glad to be on the selling end!

And doesn't it feel good to have all that unnecessary stuff out of your home?