August 13, 2009

Memory Quilt

My lovely and wonderful Grandma Kepsel was here to visit last weekend and she brought me the most beautiful quilt i have ever seen. It seems my mom has been sending her things of mine to incorporate into it and it is very special. Grandma Kepsel is also an amazing seamstress. She sewed the most beautiful little flowers and designs into the quilt at all the block edges. I can't really describe are the pics.

This is from my trip to Costa Rica.

This is my senior t-shirt that everyone in the class signed.

Look! You can see my signature!

These are from Camp Loll, my favorite job and place in the world.

She also added lots of ocean scenes and hula girls and surf stuff for when i lived in Hawaii.

This is from Weber State, where I graduated from.

And this is the Serenity Prayer. I guess she thought i needed it...

This was another great job i had delivering flowers. Loved it there.

I love Snoopy.

i went through a toe sock phase.

And i've always loved moose and thus Moose and Squirrel.

This are a few of the beautiful designs she sewed into the quilt.

And this is doily that belonged to...oh crud...someone. I need to ask her about this and write it down.

And this handkerchief was my Great Grandma's, i think... Dang it. Okay, calling Grandma.

Anyway it is a beautiful, one of a kind quilt that i will treasure forever. Thank you Grandma!!


Amanda said...

quilts are beautiful treasures! "Tell Kt that if she sleeps with this quilt it will fall apart. Decorative only. And if she wants to keep it nice to fold it with out creasing the folds and to put it into a gallon sized Ziploc bag, also she'll need to pull it out and fold it differently every year if she doesnt want the fabric to start coming apart."
Unasked for advice from my grandma Seamen to you. By the way. Sorry. She did think it was wonderful. Grandma Jackie is Wonderful! We were all kind of jealous when we saw this quilt.

Amanda said...

And as a correction i dont think she meant gallon sized, But you can find a big Ziploc Bag that holds quilts i have several. I have to buy more. You can have one when i do. :)

Jayne said...

That quilt is an inspiration! I've been thinking about saving scraps like that of Emmy's, and if I start now I'm going to have to have a king size quilt someday.
A 'little bit jealous' was an understatement - that quilt is a treasure and a half!

Bush Babe said...

Wow Kate... that is amazing! What a wonderful creation for you to treasure. Kinda like scrapbooking with material and stuffing! And made with love...

Something to treasure always..

Kate said...

I do love it, it's really fun and very personal. Thanks for the advice Amanda and Amanda's Grandma.

And BB, 'made with love' is the best part :-)