August 5, 2009

Kepsel Town

I, like Jayne, have been a horrible blogger of late. But i have tons of photos building up so i'm going to get to it.

The Grandparents Kepsel have been in town as well as my Uncle Richard and Aunt Tami with my cousin Chela her baby Landon. It was an all out Kepsel party. We are all pretty excited for the Kepsel reunion next year when we get all the Kepsel boys together. Hopefully no one gets shot.

We went camping Friday night and it was so fun. Everything is better out of doors.

Sweet little Landon.

The Kepsel boys sitting around roasting meat and spining yarns. These guys know how to tell a story!

Wonderful Grandma Jackie. She is amazing! More to come from her.

We told the kids that this was where the bears slept (actually was where deer slept) and they got so scared that Jayne and Levi had to crawl in and reassure them.

Levi is so patient with the kids, even when they are shoving things in his face.

Hey Gramps. How's it cookin'?

It was rough the next morning...

Sunday night we all got together for dinner and had a great time. Great time meaning Grandpa and Uncle Richard ransacking my car, beating on me, verbally abusing me... It's tough to be a Kepsel woman.

They look nice and innocent but believe you me...not so.

The little ones either! All Kepsels in the making. See those white ice cream fangs? Terrifying!

The eyes on this boy...

Favorite Kepsel pastime. Caleb is a real pro.


The Wageman Clan said...

It looks like you have been super busy, but it all looks like fun. I loved the picture you took of your brother and his wife. I liked the one you liked best too. Also, LOVED the baby owl picture.

Jayne said...

Why do I look so depressed in those top photos? I promise I was having a great time! That's so weird.