August 24, 2009

Just Empty Every Pocket

JEEP. Yup, i'm busy emptying every pocket. It's not as bad as it could be because my dad is a car genius but still, it seems like something breaks on the silly thing every two weeks. Oh well, i love it still!

This time nothing was really broken, the speakers were just weak sauce. With the top off, i can't hear my music and i MUST have my music. Really, of all the injustices in the world, this might be the worst...

Ok, i know, dumb dumb dumb but i wanted louder speakers. So i bought some. And made my dad install them.

Turn out i know nothing about speakers. I didn't' really buy the best ones for my Jeep. But my dad made it work.

And Nate helped too...

Now look at this mess! I just wadded it up and shoved it back in... then my dad fixed that too.

Running wire. Thanks pops! And he is not smoking. It's one of those cap thingies for when you splice wire together. Just clarifying. Sorry Mom.

Indispensable when working on a Jeep...

Duct Tape. Actually this Gorilla Tape. Even stronger. Makes this sticker on my bumper even more relevant.

And here is the finished product.

I thought i was being really smart by buying rather inexpensive speakers because it's a jeep and they would probably be stolen. Yeah not so much. Cheap speakers don't sound that great. But i can actually hear my music on the freeway and that's what i wanted. Thanks Dad! And Nate. And duct tape.


karla said...

Fix the picture of your Dad - He is NOT smoking a cigarette! Looks bad Kate. He also said, to tell you you'll be lucky if you don't blow them the first time your on the freeway at full blast. But he'll help put in better ones :)

Bush Babe said...

What a great dad... mine not allowed near anything remotely mechanical or electrical. He's hopeless. But great on a horse!

Love the duct tape sticker!

Jayne said...

Ha, that's what I thought too, Mom:)

Kate, you wouldn't be the same without your tunes - you definitely need them!