July 2, 2009

Wetter than usual.

So i live in a region lovingly referred to as the High Desert. It is normally hot and dry. This spring has been very different. Meaning it has rained. A lot. And I love it. It is so beautiful and green.

This is a beautiful historic barn in town. They put the giant flag up every spring. I love old buildings. And flags. Good combo.

The white bumps are snow. Left from the ski jumps.

Lilac grows really well here for some reason. And every spring for just a couple of weeks, the air is heavy with fragrance. It's intoxicating.

The mountains are so beautiful after the rain.

Jayne's peas are growing like weeds.


The rays shooting up through the clouds are so beautiful. My cousin Laila told me years ago that they were angel rays and it's always stuck.

Headed down a canyon near my house. Sorry, the photos were taken with my iphone through a dirty windshield. But i had to take them, it's just so green!

This post was mostly for me so I'm sorry if you were bored! Someday i will get a new camera and be able to take spectacular shots.

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Camille said...

Mmmm I love these pictures! It's kind of cool to have a break from the usual dry, hot early summer. This post makes me go aaahhhh :)