July 21, 2009

Lovely Saturday

I had such a fun saturday this past weekend. I went over to Jayleb's house early (EARLY!!!) and watched the munchkins while Jayleb went and hiked Timp. And we had so much fun! I just love those little monsters!

JB and I played outside while EJ was napping. You can tell by the look on his face that he was having a great time.

He then fell asleep on me. It did not seem very comfortable but he was out like a light.

Luckily Papa was there working on my jeep (thanks Dad!) and he helped me put EJ down for her nap...and then fell asleep himself. It's hard work!

We had lot's of fun and i definitely needed a nap by the time Jayleb got home.

Then later that night we all met up again for a free concert in the park. The singer was Shane Jackman and he was so good. Also he has the same last name as Hugh Jackman. Need i say more?

This image is courtesy of EJ.

She loves those stairs. They lead to the crater which she also loves.

EJ has learned to cross her eyes and just about every picture now comes out this way:

Turns out that Dads are the best seat in the house.


Jayne said...

No matter how many photos I see of her crossing her eyes, I always bust up when I come across a new one! What is with this child?!

A million thanks, Kate, again:)

Bush Babe said...

Oh dear... my Violet is the eye-crosser from hell (well, from Granite Glen anyway). She can moved them INDIVIDUALLY. EJ and Violet could have an eye-cross-off!!!
PS Looks like a lovely day.

Amanda said...

Jonahs hair looks so blonde in the top picture! It looks so soft and shiny, cute!