July 14, 2009

The color of contentment

Hopefully Jayne doesn't kill me for this.

I took this photo of Caleb and Jayne a few weeks ago without them knowing it. I was so excited when i got home and saw. I loved it but thought that i would play with some of Pioneer Woman's PS actions.

Here it is SOOC (straight-out-of-camera).

And here are some actions i tried.

Black & White Beauty


Soft and Faded


I really liked warmer but then i tried Heartland.

And loved it. This is one i ended up blowing up and framing for them.

What do you guys think? Which one do you like best?


karla said...

When I first saw this my breath caught. It seems very intimate, even though we were all there. It just screams "These two people cherish each other' Excellent job Kate. and Jaleb - isn't forever a nice thought?

Bush Babe said...

Just gorgeous Kate... breathtaking, as karla said!

Kinda drawn to Soft and Faded... but all beautiful.

Jayne said...

The first time I saw it, I thought it was a painting. Then I did a double take and realized it was us!

And then I cried.

Then I got a hold of myself.

I love this photo, Kate. I can't thank you enough for capturing this for us, it's a photo I will treasure as long as I live.
*sob sob*