July 8, 2009

Cherry Pickin'

This was actually a few weeks ago, i am so behind! The summer is certainly busy.

Some friends of ours have a fabulous cherry tree in their yard and they invited us over to pick it clean. Mom and Jayne had grand plans for canning and pies.

You can't really tell but the branches are so heavy with cherries. When we were done picking a branch it would shoot back up in the air.

It was raining when we started but that didn't stop us!

Okay it stopped the kids. Pansy's ;-)

Not sure why mom has rubber gloves in the car but they turned out to be pretty good toys.

You don't even want to know the precarious positions Monkey had the ladder in. But he lived.

It turns out there is this very scary, very dangerous breed of spider that lives in cherry trees. I was attacked a couple of times. I'll be okay but it was iffy for a while there.

Jonah was very content to sit in the car, eat, drink and play. Strange child.

Emmy was very happy to test the cherries for tastiness. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it.

We found this brood of baby owls in the tree. They weren't very happy to see us.

Kidding these ornery little buggers live at the zoo. I just love this picture, they look so mad. Cami took this a couple of weeks ago and i stole it. Thanks Cami!

Oh and here are the fruits of our labors! Thanks mom and jayne!

Aren't bottled cherries pretty? Love it.


Jayne said...

ha ha ha! Your owl picture threw me for slightly more than 2 seconds:) That was great.

Doug and Rachel said...

Love the owls. Bing cherries are my favorite! They're always so expensive too. So, you have to watch Evelyn (angel rays reference) with Pierce Brosnan; it's excellent. Also, loved the car show - we saw an Astin Martin on Portobello Road London that was fun; I guess it's the car Bond drives, but it was fun to see an old one about 1960's to 1970's I'd guess. Hope your good! Tell your fam hello!