July 24, 2009

Cascade Springs

Jayleb invited me to join them on Monday for Family Night and we headed to a beautiful place here in the valley. It's called Cascade Springs. Something to do with this spring and some cascading...not sure. Technically the water comes up from an aquifer that runs under the mountains. And that's as technical as i will be getting. It is cool though. We live in the high desert and you are just trotting along and all of a sudden there is water everwhere!

See there is a hill and some trees and then water.

There was a big fire a few years ago so all of the bigger trees are dead but everything else is greener and more beautiful than ever. People forget how essential fire is to the ecosystem. Just saying.

Nutrition was needed before embarking on our journey.

One victim of the fire was this tree.

Or is it a deer? Don't you guys see a deer? Maybe it's just me.

Along with cross-eyes EJ has taken to some new poses.

This is winsome...

And this is cheeky. Get it? Cheeky? Ha!

The kid cracks me up.

The munchkins and CJ's camera. I covet it.

I know it's weired but i love grass. Tall, waving in the wind grass. Nothing prettier than a field of golden wheat in the wind.

You can tell we live in farm/ranch country. We are way up in the mtns and still come across clumps of alfalpha chilling with the other grasses.

Thistle, thought it was pretty.

Thanks guys!

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Jayne said...

That was some good times there, Kate.
I am still a little baffled on the whole water running up from underneath the mountain, then trickling down it's outside, then cruising back up it's inside... I'm amazed/baffled about that one.
I can't even TELL you how happy I am to be going camping this weekend! Woo hoo!