June 10, 2009

Things Have Changed

I finally watched this video for the first time last week and fell in love. I've always really liked the song Things Have Changed and the video just makes it better. Bob Dylan was, is and will always be amazing but this video is just perfection. The actors he got are just great and the shots and way it was filmed is beautiful. Is that called cinematography?

YouTube wouldn't let me embed it but please take a second to watch, it's pretty dang awesome!

Things Have Changed

Well, what do you think? Do you like it? Do you like the song? Do you even like Bob Dylan? Come on all you blog stalkers, let me know :-)

Actually let me know what your favorite music video is. Total Eclipse of the Heart is pretty awesome as is Never Going to Give You Up by Rick Astley...come on, you know you love it.


bilsabab said...

The song was on the soundtrack for the film 'Wonder Boys'. The scenes in the car are from the film (with Dylan substituted for Michael Douglas sometimes).

The film is a favorite of ours. We watch it as a comfort movie, especially in the winter.

It's based on the novel by Michael Chabon, and frankly I think this is one time where the film is actually better than the book.

Everything else I've read by Michael Chabon is stunning. Probably the best living fiction writer.

And yes, I agree, this is a great Dylan song.

Kate said...

Hey thanks for the info Bilsabab! I had no idea it was from Wonder Boys and i will certainly be checking out Michael Chabon now.

Sue said...

I found out yesterday who Bilsabab is. What at surprise!

Aunt Sue