June 14, 2009

Planning Ahead

So you know how people have crazy and unique things that they do? Like counting stairs when they walk up them or always having to face a door (i have that one too). Well I'm going to share one with all of you friends and family today. Maybe someone else out there does it too and I'm not completely insane.

I make up complete conversions. Several versions in fact. So, for example, when i went to church today i was prepared for whatever anyone would say to me.

I imagine someone asking me a question and then i come up with different answers. I don't know when i started doing this...but it's been as long as i remember. I figure it's because I'm shy and get so tongue-tied, especially around guys, that I'm afraid I'll say something stupid so i prepare myself.

The funny thing is that I usually never talk to the people that I imagined talking too and no one ever talks about the things that I've prepared.


I am now going to go watch What About Bob so that I don't feel so nutty!


meegz said...

Not crazy at all. I have arguments in my mind so that I don't have to have them in real life. now that's crazy!:)

karla said...

I'm afraid this may be genetic...SORRY! While i don't have pre-conversations, I do have worse case scenarios. I'm walking down stairs, what if i slipped - what would i do? I'm driving and lose control for what ever reason - what would i do? if one of my children died - what would i do? Call ME crazy! I'm not phobic, it doesn't stop me from doing things i want, i consider myself prepared. i also would note that the things i imagine happening - never, never do. I think your normal as .....me :)

Jayne said...

If we're all crazy, that really means we're all normal, right?
That's what I tell myself.
MY issue is having super realistic complete conversations in my dreams, and thinking that I really had them. My poor husband. He's on the outside of our inside jokes!

Chandra said...

I do it too. The bad thing is when you can't remember if you actually HAD any of the conversations, or you just thought you did. Sometimes you have to ask people, and that's when you sound a little nuts. But we love a little nuts! :)

Levi said...

Holy Smokes! after all these confessions I decided I might be the only non crazy one. How the tables have turned. Ha Ha Ha!