June 16, 2009

Girls Night Out

This past weekend was spent living it up Main Street style. A bunch of girls from my church all met up for a fun-filled night on the town. We stayed the night in a very cool hotel on Main.

We had pizza, and obviously over-ordered.

But finally more girls showed up and we managed to finish it off.

We went hot-tubbin'

Chitted the Chat

And did some girlie nail-painting and foot massaging.

Not super sure why Wendy is kneeling...

We were up until almost 4:30 in the morning and i really can't believe that i used to stay up that late all the time in college. It was painful the next couple of days trying to recoup from that.

When we all got up Natalie made us breakfast.

And we enjoyed it while watching Enchanted, pretty much an amazing movie.

As it turns out it was the 125th anniversary of our little town and they had a parade. We got tired of watching out the window of the hotel and heading down to the street to join in the fun.

These darling little guys were moose, we have A LOT of them around here.

This cute dog thought she was a lamb.

St. Mary's was there, their priest is such a nice man. Good people.

There were a lot pioneer types walking around. A nod to our heritage.

But this is the only shot i got. Sorry.

Oh! there was this little pioneer/cowgirl, she was tired from all the parading.

We for sure didn't get enough sleep.

The parting shot. Caroline was in a little off-main street play called Rapunzel. It was great. Really top notch. Applause, applause. Encore please.

I am very grateful for great friends and great times. Life is Good!!

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Bush Babe said...

That looks like so much fun!!! I dream about girls nights' out like that - lots of girly girl stuff!!! And loved the moose...