June 28, 2009

Family Traditions

Aren't family traditions great? Well, the good ones I mean. 4th of July activities, singing Happy Birthday to Christ at Christmas (sounds sacrilegious, but it's not, i swear), Mom's green slime jello at Thanksgiving, fire, guns, jamming out to Led Zeppelin, Camp Loll, Zion National Park...we have some great ones.

But the best one by far is CARS. We are a car family. And every year we manage to get to a couple car shows and at least one Nitro Night at Rocky Mountain Raceways. These things were packed into one auto-filled day yesterday.

We went to a Back To The 50's car show in our little town and then went to Nitro Night last night.

If you don't appreciate the beauty and glamor of vintage cars this next part might bore you. But if you do appreciate, sit back, relax and enjoy. They just don't make 'em like this anymore.

I mostly look at the exterior but Dad covets the engines.

El Camino. Business in the front, party in the back. Ha! I crack myself up.

This one belongs to a friend of my friend Brittany. So i like to say that i have a connection.

EJ's favorite. It's pink.

Another EJ favorite. It's purple.

It is a gorgeous car. Just perfect.

And i love the sign.

This was one of my favorites of the day.

I've got a thing for suicide doors.

This is actually where EJ and I ended up after about six cars. We think she'll grow out of it and start paying more attention to the cars soon...

This dog was the happiest thing there that day.

Now onto Nitro Night. Many of the same cars were there...with very different engines and fuel in them.

Sorry, let me explain Nitro Night. It's drag racing but with insane engines and top fuel. The top nitro car for the night did the quarter mile in 4:11. It was amazing. It's so loud that you have to wear earplugs and it still hurts a bit. The ground shakes when they pass and you can feel the heat from the engines up in the stands. Can you tell i like it?

The evening started with the regular ole dragsters. Very cool but just you wait for the nitro cars.

They also raced some sweet bikes that just screamed.

Then some louder, faster cars came in.

They wrapped up the regular drag section with the coolest firetruck ever. It did wheelies and shot flame out the back.

This video is pretty cool. Remember that it's on my phone.

Then the sun went down.

And the fun started.

Turns out it's hard to photograph nitro cars. They go fast.

You have to wear earplugs and most of the little kids had huge earphones on. This little girl was so funny and just loved being there with her grandpa.

Here is another video of the nitro cars. Sorry it's pretty bouncy. I'm hoping you can get some idea of the sound. This video actually killed the speaker on my phone. Turn up your speakers!

They ended the show with a Jet Semi. Yup you heard me. A semi with a jet engine. Flame was Shooting out of the engine so big that people were running. And the sound. Holy cow. It was intense. My sound died so i couldn't record it but I've attached a video that is exactly like the one we watched. It's crazy wicked. i'm not sure what the popping is about but it sounds cool!

Does this make me sound like a total redneck? I'm really not, this ia really fun thing to go see. BUT...tomorrow i will show you all the pics i took of actual rednecks. Be excited. Be very excited.


Jayne said...

That Semi is crazy! Emmy loved it. Of course.

Caleb said...

Hey what happened to the El Camero?

Kate said...

Shut it.

Kate said...

Spell check decided that it was a camero, not a camino. Spell check knows best.

caleb said...

Jayne is spell check now? Sorry kate you've been caught!

Jayne said...

I didn't tell him, I swear!!

He found the email:(

Kate said...

He is so nosey! Tell him to stay out of your inbox, it's got you name on it not his.