May 26, 2009

Sitting in boredom, waiting for food...

the truck is late I'm in a bad mood.
I sit in my world of boxes and cans,
peanut butter, chili, beef stew, and jam.
Let me out, let me out, I can't take anymore!
I hate expectations of a common food store.
This isn't Smith's Food King, Albertson's or Dan's.
It's just my little prison, here among the cans.

That's for you girls.

11 years ago next month I was heading off to work at Camp Loll up in the Teton Mountains. Little did I know I was embarking on the adventure of a lifetime and that I would be back for three more summers.

We lived in tepee's.

And cut firewood for the showers.

It is pretty much the best place on the earth.

This is us on a good day. We were semi-clean.

We really bonded.

This was us then:

And on Saturday a few of us got back together again. It's amazing how with some friends you can go years without getting together and when you meet again you pick right back up like no time passed at all. That's how it is with these friends. We love each other unconditionally and have so much fun together. It feels so good to be with people who know you so well and with whom you can laugh until your cheeks hurt.

Despite Tess wielding a knife, we had a great day.

With lot's of watermelon of death and other yummy foods.

And we all had our own plates! This is odd for us. At camp we girls usually ate off the same plate and fork. Not sure why. It just happened that way.

Heathen is still as crazy as always.

But now she has this yummy little munchkin:

Check out this sweet diaper action:

This is my little introspective boy.

I had to pick him up after taking this picture and hug him tight. I just couldn't help myself.

This is Lainey, Tess's little girl. I just love this picture.

We spent a wonderful day laughing till it hurt, playing with babies, eating lot's of food, looking at scrapbooks and doing some serious reminiscing. We have changed a lot in the past few years but it turns out that we are still the same crazy girls we once were. And i hope we stay that way forever!

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Jayne said...

Yet another great post!
That teepee photo is awesome! It's like... magical (for total lack of a non-gaggy word).

The one of Heathen with the towel hat is quite priceless as well. She always gets the best shots:) We'll leave it at that:)

And wasn't it nice that ? could come along too!