May 24, 2009

People Playing in a Park

Our family tries to get together at least once a month for some sort of planned activity. Even though we all live pretty close to each other it's amazing how hard it is to get all of us together for things.

Last week we got together for kite-flying and Frisbee tossing fun at a great park near my house.

Emmy is a pro kiter. It's actually amazing that the thing doesn't take off with her she is so tiny.

Amanda is finally back on her feet (figuratively speaking) and it was great to have her, Zach and Leland there.

Look at this form! Levi was born to fly kites.

After getting everyone fed:

And playing on the jungle gym for a bit:

We headed back into the field for some sweet frisbee action.

I think Jayne has the best form in the family.

Notice Leland wandering off in the distance. The kid likes to walk and walk and walk and then walk some more. I promise that i stopped taking pics and went after him.

This is Jonah's very favorite place to be (besides nursing).

Emmy decided to work on her tan, i love the look on her face.

Caleb and Jayne had chicken wars with their children. Emmy and Jayne kicked Caleb and Jonah's trash :-)

I am continually amazed at the great dads that my brothers have become.

From pesky little brothers that i wasn't sure if i would kill before they had a chance to become dads to wonderful, caring and completely doting fathers. It has been such a cool transformation to watch.

Children are such miracles.

Our entire family now revolves around these little munchkins.

And we are all happier and better people for it.


Amanda said...

Agreed! :)

karla said...

Katie, you do the best blogs! Get the kleenex...this one actually had me tearing up. I love you. I love you all.

karla said...

Can I please get a copy of the Emmy picture, that was the best!

Bush Babe said...

Fabulous Family Photos!!
(Try saying that with a mouthful!)

Jayne said...

I second Mom's comment; that was a really good post, Kate. You're really putting youself into this lately. Lovely lovely

Camille said...

Pahaha, you guys are awesome. These kids crack me up :)

Jayne said...

P.S. I think the award for 'Good Form' should take into consideration that the frisbee should actually go where it's thrown. In which case this award needs to be re-awarded:)