May 5, 2009

Numero Tres

Happy Cinco de Mayo Amigos! And to celebrate this blessed day of remembrance of the Mexican army's unlikely victory over forces at the Battle of Puebla I give you...more Zion pics :-)

Kepsel's seem to be inexorably drawn to water.

There was a tiny little stream of water running through our campsite and Emmy was next to it or in it the entire time.

Our site was inundated with caterpillars. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Emmy was entranced and many became her pets over the weekend.

Her wonderful father and grandfather informed her that caterpillars could swim so she happily set them in the steam to go for a swim. Boys are so weird.

Do you see that large bump sticking off of Jonah's head? He nose dived out of the stroller. It was not fun poor kid but he is a happy little man.

This was a vibrant little green bug on the banks of the river. It is obviously mating season. No clue what they are but they are kinda pretty.

The rest of us found a much bigger river to play in.

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Jayne said...

Poor little Jonah:( It still makes me sad, even though he has experienced a full and complete recovery. Part of being a kid, I guess.

Kate, I'm so glad you were there with us!