May 6, 2009

Mucho Mas

Thought there were no more camping pics? HA! Nope, i've got more.

Caterpillar pets...

Indian Paintbrush. One of my favorite flowers.

Crazy wild turkey tom who ran across the path right in front of us.

Super crazy squirrel who was not afraid of us at all. He would've climbed right in with Emmy if i would've let him. And i wouldn't of...despite what everyone else thought.

This guy is super dad. And he is either checking Jayne out or staring at the very large goose egg on Jonah's head...not sure which.

These guys are...well i'm not sure. Just thought i would take a pic of them.

Fun times on the bus...

More pretty flowers. The first shot is looking down the side of a steep cliff. The flowers there amaze me, they grow in crazy places with very little soil or water.

Don't worry I'm almost done!


Caleb said...

In answer to your question - Super Dad was definitely checking me out. You saw how hot I was that day. 4 days sleeping in the dust with no shower does that to me.

Kate said...

Okay Caleb, we all know you are hot but I don't think that the MAN was checking you out...egads boy.

Jayne said...

Hahaha!! that was me! I just noticed that when I posted that it was signed in with his name:) Hahhhaa, that cracks me up!
That was me, the nerd, the wife, Jayne.